Amy Bridal Bouquet

‘Michele’ – A Favourite Bouquet Amongst Many Brides

Silk Petal’s bouquet ‘Michele’ has become one of my most popular amongst many brides-to-be. Maybe it’s her beautiful, peach Peonies. Or perhaps the white Hydrangeas and Pom Pom Dahlias. Maybe my brides-to-be love the little scatters of Dusty Miller combined with Baby’s Breath, or the bunches of classical Queen Anne’s lace. Whatever it may be, ‘Michele’ remains a favourite.

Spring Flowers

Although spring is not due to arrive for another month, ‘Michele’ is a bouquet that simply cannot be missed on your ‘Spring Wedding Flowers Ideas’-list. Her pastel peach, bright  white, and soft green colours will simply steal the spotlight. Well, besides your wedding dress, of course. Love the floral design, but not the peach colour? No worries! ‘Michele’ is flexible and comes in any colour you like!

In the Spotlight

‘Michele’ was created to stand in the spotlights, and with a little bit of help, she did just that!

With thanks to Lily Vilde Photography.



Amy Bridal Bouquet

7 Reasons Why Brides Choose Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Getting married is a very exciting experience, but once you start planning your big event, you realise there is so much involved. Usually the dress and ceremonial locations are one of the first items brides-to-be want to tick off the list. Eventually, they get to ‘wedding bouquets’. Where to begin?

A good questions to start with is: ‘Do I choose fresh flowers or artificial ones?’. Let’s have a look at the top 7 reasons for using artificial wedding bouquets on your big day.

1. Always in Season

Often I hear brides-to-be say ‘Oh, I love Peonies. Unfortunately, they are out of season on our wedding day’. With fresh flowers, you have to keep in mind that your favourite flower may not be in season during the time of your wedding. Artificial flowers are always in season! No matter when you plan to have your big day, you can rest assured that your favourite blooms will complete your bridal bouquet.

2. Lovely Keepsake

As we all know, fresh flowers are beautiful and spread a lovely sent. However, they don’t last. Eventually, they wilt and die. If you’re unfortunate, you may even notice your bouquets wilting in front of you, especially on a scorching summer day. Artificial wedding bouquets will remain stunning throughout your special occasion and even way beyond then. Imagine celebrating your 10th anniversary and being able to take another look at your bridal bouquet. Whether you choose to just leave it safe in a box or display it in your living room, you’ll always be able to hold it one more time. It will take you back to your day in no time!

3. No Surprises

With fresh flowers you have to wait to see the final result on the day of your wedding. You may be fortunate and your bouquet looks exactly the way you imagined it would be. Or you may wish you were able to make some small adjustments. When you choose to use artificial flowers for your wedding bouquets there are no surprises because they can be made in advance. I take photos of your bouquets during the creation process which allows you to make changes until you are perfectly happy with your order.

4. Realistic

‘Artificial’… This word gives some people the shivers. They have this image in their mind that artificial means ‘obviously fake and cheap’. However, the artificial flower industry has come a long way. Many flowers are now available in real touch material making the flowers look and feel very real. You may even be amused during your wedding day with the amount of people smelling your flowers. Yes! That’s how real they appear. If you purchase your flowers from a florist using high quality artificial flowers, it will be very difficult for your guests to even notice they are not real.

5. Non-Allergenic

Some brides or grooms suffer from severe hayfever and are guaranteed to have one sneezing fit after the other when handling fresh flowers. If this is you or one of your loved ones then artificial flowers offer the perfect solution.

6. Early Delivery

Because artificial bouquets can be created in advance, you can have them delivered to you several weeks in advance. This means less stress and worries knowing that your bouquets are all ready to go for your big day.

7. Easy to Transport

Artificial flowers don’t need water and can be easily packaged in a box wrapped in tissue paper. If you find that some flowers or petals don’t look nice anymore, you can hold them over a steaming kettle for a few seconds. This allows you to reshape them again into their natural form.

These are some of the most popular reasons for choosing artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers for weddings. If you would like more information or a free quote for your wedding, feel free to contact me.



Amy Bridal Bouquet

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